Oser et se dépasser pour construire le monde de demain.

Business Development

Commercial prospecting and commercial representation.

Digital & Marketing

Digital impact consulting, interface design, branding and digital.

About us

We are a symphony composed of experienced rare talents, working to help you succeed.

Multisectoral experience

Working with businesses and governments around the world to promote international trade and investment.

We support our clients in the implementation of their projects. With a combination of leading expertise, we have brought innovative perspectives and concrete results.


International experience

You are surrounded by a team with practical experience, expertise and the ability to understand the intricacies of each industry they serve.


We are a symphony in harmony composed of Strategists, Analysts, Artists, Managers, Rare Talents, Strategic Marketing Specialists and Industrialists.

Budget control

Since there is a solution to every problem, our offers are adapted to your budget, regardless of the type and size of your project. Opt for the assurance of an efficient and serene collaboration.


In our cooperation with our partners, we aim to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships. Opt for the assurance of an efficient and serene collaboration.

Our Expertise.

Digital impact consulting.

Assisting companies in their digital transformation and communication.

  • Impact strategy
  • Recommendation of new interfaces
  • Audit of interfaces
  • Digital transformation
  • Prototyping

Interface design.

Design ‘user-centered’ interfaces by responding to their needs.

  • Artistic direction
  • Webdesign
  • Content creation
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Branding and digital.

Digital excellence and impact are at the heart of our methodology.

  • Identity and branding
  • Place branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning & Branding
  • Activation and campaign

Commercial prospecting.

Acquire new leads to boost your B2B and B2C sales.

  • Detection of business opportunities.
  • Economic promotion of areas.
  • Development of the commercial strategy.
  • Leads Generation et social selling.
  • Market research and competitive intelligence.

Brand representation.

Introduce your products and services and ensure your company’s international presence.

  • Representative office.
  • International sales strategy.
  • International representation.
  • Study and selection of potential markets.
  • Development of plans of internationalization.

Industrial subcontracting.

Take care of your customers and outsource your production to our industrial partners.

  • Manufacturing and production.
  • Assembly and maintenance.
  • Turning and machining.
  • Thermal treatments.
  • Transformation of metals.

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